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Zoom Disconnecting while in a meeting


Hello, everyone. A bit of background might be in order. In 2018, my friend and I got Dell Inspiron 5370 laptops, 13.3 inch screens. Ever since we got these laptops, we've used them for connecting to Zoom meetings.


We have a very annoying issue that has plagued us since the beginning. We, one or both of us, would be in a meeting. We would be disconnected from any meeting, whether we were recording or not. This has happened to us when we were using Spectrum, and now, AT&T fiber optic internet, 1 gb down and up. Now, we are no longer reconnected when we are disconnected from a meeting.


I'd like some ideas on how this could be overcome. Is it the computer, seeing as we have used two different internet services with the same ones? Is it Zoom itself? If possible, I'd like not to need to replace the computers for a while longer. How would we even begin to troubleshoot this one? My friend is using Windows 10, and I'm using 11.