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Zoom Dial In says "This Meeting Does Not Allow Phone Dial In"


We were running Zoom Video meetings and a few of our participants would use the Zoom Dial in number to access via phone because they did not have access to video.  When they would dial in they would be asked for 1) Zoom Meeting ID# 2) Participant ID 3) the meeting passcode. 


This feature worked seamlessly for our phone participants for over a year. Recently this all came to an end. Now when they dial in they enter the meeting ID (Which has not changed) and receive this message..."This Meeting Does Not Allow Phone Dial In" and then the line disconnects.


Nothing has changed on the admin side. All settings have been the same for over a year.


Any suggestions on what may have changed to cause this?


Community Champion

Hello @alzonacong,


Check the meeting in question in your Zoom Portal to make sure that both computer audio and telephone are selected.  Also, make sure the meeting host is a licensed user and not Basic.


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Verified that both computer audio and telephone are selected.  Also, confirmed that meeting host is a licensed user for 300.

Next step would be checking with the users to find out what number(s) they dialed.  It is possible that they dialed a number not available to this host because they are used to dialing a specific number such as a toll free number or a premium toll, or a region that has been removed in account settings.


Another good suggestion. 


We have previously tested all of the US Zoom Toll Numbers. All have the same result. Tried from multiple origin phones. Same result.

Please contact support and open a ticket.



Do you by any chance have a link to support where I can open a ticket? I haven't been able to find that here on the site.