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Zoom Desktop SSO Login from Desktop Error


I am trying to log into Zoom through my university domain, however each time I log in through SSO it redirects me to Google Chrome and immediately display the following error on Google Chrome "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN"


It was working fine up until a few days ago and I have not changed any settings etc since, the credentials work fine on my iPhone and friends laptop too. 


I have tried the following:

- Uninstalled Zoom and Reinstalled 

- Tested with VPN, mobile hotspot, and a different network 

- Flush DNS 

- Tried on different browsers 

- Rebooted my computer 

- Changed DNS from Automatic to Google DNS and common other DNS 


My computer is brand new HP running Windows 11 


I am also an IT Technician - so I am not a complete tech noob haha. 


Community Champion

Hello @paulweaver - Thank you for reaching out but unfortunately, this is not a Zoom issue. There is no way for us to change the device DNS address. I was able to access a video tutorial that explain how to fix this issue ~>  How to Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Chrome.

Please, let us know if that help.