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Zoom Desktop Install - All Users




I recently found out that when installing the Zoom Desktop Client for Windows that it is installed on a per user basis. I would like to know how to install for all users so that when I update Zoom from my domain profile it will update the client for that computer for all users that login. I do not want to use a GPO as it is only for 5 computers.


Thanks in advance!


Note Taker

Hi, Chris


In the account settings, you can request updates from the logged-in user.




Hello Ohkawa,

I appreciate the response on this and although it is helpful it isn't quite what I am looking for. This inquiry is for a handful of shared computers where our users may not login but once a month (with Covid it may be longer now) and they already get pretty irritated that they have to wait for the Windows updates to be applied to their user profile, having to update the Zoom client in addition to the user profile is already irritating them as it is. Any additional suggestions are appreciated. 


Thank you.

Hi there, you want the Zoom Client for Meetings - MSI Installer. Run that with admin rights and it installs Zoom into the Program Files folder on a PC. Also, I'd consider a daily restart script on those PCs to process the pending updates without user interaction.

You can get the Zoom MSI installer from the below site:
Zoom Installers – Zoom Help Center

Hi @Userone 

I'm having the same issue so I tried to follow your instructions but I can't see how to run the msi file with admin rights. If I right-click on the ZoomInstallerFull.msi file the right-click menu displays "Install" and "Uninstall" and several other options but it doesn't display "Run as Administrator". If I right click on any .exe file I can see "Run as Administrator" but not if it click on the ZoomInstallerFull.msi file. And if I select "Install" then it doesn't install it in the Program Files folder, and it isn't made available to all users.


Any ideas?


Many thanks



It's okay I found the answer here.  You have to install it via the command line, not in File Explorer.