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Zoom Crashing, freezing, lagging, camera distorted


I use zoom personally and for work. I know for a fact that I am not the only facing these problem with zoom. My job uses zoom constantly is using zoom as well and they are all facing this problem. Zoom is constantly crashing, freezing, lagging and the newest thing is camera distortion. We all have great computers and laptops in top working condition. All of our windows are in working condition. We have done everything we can think of to fix this problem on our end but it just isn't getting fixed. We have been forced to use an old version of zoom. However we still have a crashing and lagging problem. I have done everything and googled and put zoom to high performance changed the camera settings. Reinstalled the app everything you can think of. What can I do to fix the problem and help my coworkers?




I'm having the same issues.  I'm on a Mac.  And only since last update.


My camera image freezes on my iMac,   A static image can be refreshed when I close and reopen the video control, but an active image is not restored.    I am using the latest version of Zoom 5.14.7 (18149).