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Zoom Cloud Recording delayed arrival in Panopto


Sometimes it takes very long time before my Zoom Cloud Recordings show up in Panopto. In one case it took six days, and in the mean time I couldn't find out if my recording was lost or what was happening. How can I see what is going on when I am waiting for my recording?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Can you confirm whether the cloud recording had 100% finished processing in Zoom before the delay on the Panopto side?


Cloud recordings generally take about 2 times the duration recorded to process, but occasionally may take much longer due to higher processing loads at that time. A recording will also continue to process (and not complete processing) if even one lingering participant/room has not dropped off the call and the recording has not manually been stopped.

Just want to rule this out before investigating the Panopto piece.

Hi bstrelko,


When I make Zoom recordings they newer show up under Cloud Recordings on the Zoom web site. For some reason they do not become visible to me before they arrive in Panopto. Thus I cannot check how far the processing in Zoom has come. This is really my problem - there is a "blind window" from finishing the meeting until the recording arrives in Panopto. And the duration of this blind window was 6 days in one case. This week I made a recording that took 11 hours to get visible in Panopto. However, when they arrive in Panopto, I can see that a processing job is taking place.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Got it. Just want to be sure - you are attempting to view these cloud recordings for your entire account, not just for you as an individual user, correct? 

These would be found here ( when logged in as an admin.


Checking out Panopto's documentation, the API calls don't bypass Zoom's internal cloud recording mechanism, even if the cloud recordings are set to delete from Zoom ~96hrs after recordings are processed.



Want to rule a few things out before assuming this is a Panopto issue.

I am logged in as an individual user as I am not an administrator of the university's Zoom. I'm a lecturer that want to share Zoom recordings with my students as soon as possible after the lesson is finished.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Please work with a Zoom admin at your org to investigate on the cloud recording side for the meetings in question.


This will give us more info to work with.

Okay, I will do that. Thank for helping.