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Hi all,


today we had a meeting and a lot of questions are entered in the chat.

Finally, no one had exported / saved the chat .

Is there a chance to access the chat afterwards and make an export later on?



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hi @Nicolas_Jaeger! To ensure that participants can still access the chat afterwards, you can enable Continuous Meeting Chat, which creates a dedicated group chat in Zoom Team Chat and they's be able to communicate before, during, and after the meeting. When enabled, in-meeting chats will show up in that group chat as they are sent in the meeting. Alternatively, the host of the meeting can enable "Meeting chat - Auto-save" so that when the meeting ends, chat messages will automatically be saved to a local file on the host's computer. This setting can be found in the Zoom web portal > Personal > Settings > Meeting > In Meeting (Basic).

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