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Zoom Admin gets logged out when joining a call




I am a Video Editor and use zoom the following way:


Computer 1: Blackmagic web Presenter feeds video signal into zoom. 


Computer 2: Muted, shows only my video so clients can see me. 


I have a paid account and set up the meeting on computer 1 and want to join on computer 2 as a participant. But always when I join with computer2 zoom is telling me that I will get logged out on computer1. The call continues, but I have some bad feeling about it. IS there any way to avoid this auto log out thing? Thx and best, 




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Swild (Sebastian)!


Our apologies that this reply is coming so late, please note others have posted on the same issue within the Zoom Community and there is a URL below.


By default you are allowed per-user-account: One active Computer, one Tablet, and one Mobile device in use at any given time--logging on on computer 2 will log out computer 1 in your scenario, and this is by design.


The most direct route may be to get a 2nd account, or contact Zoom Sales to see whether alternative options may be available for your account. 


Here is our support article: 


The most likely answer has also been posted in the community here:  



Apologies again for the late reply.  Please let us know if this helps resolve the issue by marking as a solution.


Thanks for Zooming!

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