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ZOOM Stealing Computer Focus When Waiting for A Meeting to Start is a HORRIBLE feature


Note I use a Mac, not sure if the experience is different on Windows.


Sometimes when I join a meeting the host is another meeting, and a popup from ZOOM tells me "Host has another meeting in progress". Makes sense. For some unknown reason, you cannot dismiss the popup and just have wait in the background so I have to minimize it.  Which used to work great.


Sometime in the last year, some genius at ZOOM decided that even if I minimized it, it should popup every 30 seconds, stealing focus from my work while I am waiting to do work. I cannot seem to find a setting to turn this option off either. Why did anyone think this is a good idea? When the meeting starts ZOOM steals focus to put me into the meeting, so how is the incessant popup to let me know that I am waiting for a meeting useful?