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ZOOM PWA SOFTWARE for Chromebooks - Awful performance - Camera Instability - what can be done?


I can report after all testing, uninstalling, and reinstalling now the Zoom PWA version for Chrome, that the overwhelming issues seem to be not solvable?
1. The picture is too highly magnified and has no option to lower the magnification? (Changing the camera option makes no difference, such controls seem to have no effect?),


2: The shakiness and poor quality picture is appalling, not stable, like an old-fashioned television) the irony of ironies is that the built-in Camera is beauty at its best, high-quality HD. If I choose "Same as System" or Front Camera" it changes nothing, it's Zooms juxtapositioned (imposed) online software camera that rules. Pretty crap basically.

However, if I download  "Zoom Client for Meetings" from: 
(Web browser client) it all works fine again! Why is this?