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Your internet connection is unstable


A few weeks ago I started getting “Your internet connection is unstable” messages during meetings, and it was true – I froze momentarily for others and they froze for me.


So I called the cable company and a tech support rep said he saw the problem, could fix it remotely, and did. Only it happened again. So I called again and the rep said I needed to replace my modem. So I did and it happened again. So I called again and they sent someone out, who said the coax cable had degraded and he replaced it. And it happened again.


So I made a fourth service request and the guy replaced the new modem with a newer modem. And it happened again.


I’m at my wit’s end; at this point, I can’t believe the problem is the cable connection. But what else could it be?


I use Windows 11 with a new Dell laptop and a single wired connection to the net; I always reboot my laptop, modem and router (though the latter doesn’t play a role) before each Zoom session; I’m always Host or Co-Host and sometimes use ScreenShare but sometimes don’t and always have the problem, whether I’m using audio/video or not; the problem usually lasts just a few seconds (but is very disruptive); I don’t use high resolution; I update Zoom weekly; Speedtest – DL 370, UL 23, Ping 12/27/9.



Test your Internet Connectivity
When the internet connection is slight chances of encountering an unstable Zoom connection are strong. To confirm whether this is the case, try to open the same website using an alternate device to check if there’s internet connectivity. If not, connect with your Internet service provider for assistance.

Fix 2 – Use the Network Troubleshooter
To auto-detect and fix problems encountered on Windows, there’s a built-in Troubleshoot provided. You can use it to resolve the wireless and other network adapters issues.

Press Windows + S and type troubleshoot > click Troubleshoot settings.
Click Additional troubleshooters.
Look for Network Adapter. Click on it and click Run the troubleshooter.




Since a problem with the Zoom connection pretty clearly means a problem with internet connectivity, I used the troubleshooter first thing, moving on (as mentioned previously) to replacing all my equipment, including router and coax cable. No luck.