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[Wrong Name] has invited you to a meeting



I recently took over our Zoom account, bit when I use google calendar to create meetings, it autofills with my

predecessors name.  I have owner/license, as well as full admin in our gsuite, but cannot for the life of me find where to correct this, any ideas from the amazing Zoom community?  Thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You probably need to change the Display Name. Go to your profile page at

Click Edit out on the far right on the line where your name is, change the text in the Display Name field, then click Save. Your future emails will have the new Display Name. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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I tried that, but still have the same issue, I may have also not done the best job describing my issue.  When I click on an apt time to schedule a meeting(in google calendar) and "make it a zoom meeting" the invite comes up with her name.  In addition, I still only have the ability to "add video conferencing" for google meet, Zoom does not appear as an option.  I feel like there is a setting or field I must be missing here, attached visual to counter my poor explanation 🙂