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Windows unexpected restart caused by virtual/blur background


I recently upgraded my pc motherboard, processor and memory.

It began randomly restarting. I narrowed it down to Zoom.

I changed OS. (Win 10 to 11) Still had the problem.

I changed cameras. Still had the problem.

I changed various video settings. No change.

I changed video cards. No change.

I tested the ram - it was fine.

Then I noticed that the restart happened when I turned on "blur" background.

I've tried other virtual backgrounds and they also cause a restart. Sometimes it happens within seconds, sometimes takes a minute or two.


I looked at these forums but did not see any posts related to this problem - so here you go.

Please fix this Zoom.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @mohnston, thank you for using the Zoom Community to seek support. I see you asked your question a while ago and have yet to receive a response… I apologize for the delay! I appreciate your patience, are you still running into this issue? 


Suggest taking a look into our Zoom Basics Frequently asked questions


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