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Window size when someone else is screen sharing


I am using dual monitors, so when someone else is sharing their screen, it is on the "second screen".  For some reason, whenever someone else shares their screen, the second screen toggles whether or not it is maximized. It does NOT always just maximize. When the other person stops sharing, it doesn't do anything.

This means that if someone shares, it will maximize, then they stop, it stays maximized, then someone else shares, and it goes to a small window... 

Is this a bug? A feature? A setting? Something that is unique to me somehow?

on a Mac, using  zoom 5.7.6 in case that matters.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @bpostow, I'd encourage you to update Zoom to 5.8.4 (our latest version). However, using dual monitors shows participants' video and screen shared content on separate screens. 


You can configure the Share Screen settings in the Zoom Settings > Shared Screen, from there you can change the Window Size when screen sharing and uncheck 'scale to fit shared content to Zoom window', which may help your experience with the content being shared and the window adjustment. 


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I have upgraded, and it didn't help. 


The problem isn't that I want it to not fullscreen when it goes into shared mode. I want it to UN-fullscreen when it LEAVES shared mode, so that the next time it goes back into full-screen when there's a share...