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Wifi unable to connect after Zoom call


I have been having the recurring problem of losing Wifi connection right after finishing Zoom meetings. The Zoom meeting runs fine without interruptions, but after the meeting has ended, my computer (Macbook Air) will not connect to Wifi for the rest of the day. I have tried shutting down the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom, manually disconnecting Wifi and trying to reconnect to Wifi, but nothing works. I have also tried connecting to my phone  mobile hotspot after Zoom meetings, and that does not work either. (So I am sure that it is NOT an issue with my Wifi.)


I do not have any issues connecting to Wifi on days when I am not using Zoom. The loss of Wifi connection invariably occurs every time right after I finish a Zoom meeting, so it is certainly related to Zoom. How can I fix this issue and prevent Zoom from making me lose Wifi connection?




I, too, am experiencing this exact problem.  I thought it was my laptop on the fritz, but realize that I lose WIFI access and have to reboot every time after a zoom call.  What setting need to be corrected?