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Why no sound in zoom?


I am trying to remotely help a (not techie) lady, fix a problem with Zoom. She is on a Windows 10 desktop and using MS Edge browser. She does not have a webcam or microphone - but that's not a problem because she just want to watch and listen.

She has used Zoom before without problem, but last week she joined a zoom meeting and was able to see the video, but unable to get any sound. Sound on the machine is working - she can watch youtube videos etc with sound - no problem. She is joining via a link that takes her to Edge - she does not have the client installed.

I set up a zoom meeting and she joined using Edge, and video worked, but again no sound. There is an option in Zoom to test audio - she tried this and sound came out of her speakers just fine. However she was unable to hear anything I said via Zoom.

Sound settings in Windows all look fine.

What else should I be looking at?




Hi Roy,

I had the same problem but resolved the issue by uninstall of Zoom and then installed a fresh copy of Zoom 64-bit client. It seems the problem is with the Zoom 32-bit version.

You can also try to uninstall the audio driver from Device Manager and reinstall.

All the best.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @RxB 

Since she is not using the actual desktop client, I'd suggest trying the web client in a different browser. While Zoom tries to provide a consistent experience with the web client across the different web browsers, not web browsers are equal. I'd suggest trying to join on either Firefox or Chrome, both of which are far more stable and consistent when using the web client. 

If that's not an option, you would need to ensure she is connected properly to computer audio when in the meeting, and ensure the Zoom web client has access to her mic and speakers through the browser. 

Hi Bort,


Neither Chrome nor the Desktop Client worked. Still no sound from Zoom - video fine but no sound.


Can I just confirm that Zoom should work without a webcam - no microphone and no camera.


The lady just wants to watch/listen to some demonstrations.


I think I'm going to have to pay her a visit - it's very difficult doing this remotely. Hmm...


Many thanks,




Hmm - This is my second time typing all of this - I wasn't signed in first time - it let me do all the typing and then told me I wasn't signed in and threw away all of my typing!!! Not very friendly!


So where was I - ahh yes - An Update.


I visited the lady concerned. I don't think she had ever been using the Chrome option. Her daughter had installed the Zoom Desktop Client and she had been using that. Sure enough there was no sound (even though the sound test worked) and no obvious reason. 


I decided to uninstall and reinstall. When I closed the client it popped up with a "There is an new version - would you like to update" - I gladly accepted and after this everything was fine - we had sound and vision!


So fixed - Ho humm..





I've had the same problem too.  Everything works then suddenly people can't hear me, though the microphone is on.  


With the help of a Zoom Tier 2 tech person I solved this problem.  He suggested that I see if Zoom were muted in the Volume Mixer.  I didn't even know that Zoom had a separate entry in Volume Mixer, but when I looked it was there, and it was muted.  When I clicked to unmute it the problem was solved.

Hi   Where is the volume mixer please



thank you for sharing this information. I fixed my problem.



Right-click the Speakers icon in the System Tray (bottom right on the screen) when Zoom is active and select Open Volume Mixer.  Zoom will appear under Apps.  Be sure that it is not muted.  This solved the problem for me.

Thanks - it worked. But why this specific Mute ( it was present only for both Zoom as well as Zoom meetings) is a mystery


You can test your video and audio prior to the start of any meeting by joining a test call .

When you first join a meeting, Zoom will work to test your speakers automatically. If you don't hear the ringtone, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch speakers until you hear the ringtone. Click Yes to continue to the microphone test.
Next, Zoom will ensure you can be heard by others by testing your connected microphone. If you don't hear an audio replay, use the drop-down menu or click No to switch microphones until you hear the replay. Click Yes when you hear the replay.

Click Join with Computer Audio to finish testing and join the meeting.