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Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to share your DAWs audio on zoom in windows?


I've done it a million times in MAC. Its easy, there is a Zoom audio driver, your DAWs send the audio to zoom, presto! High Quality Stereo sound for everyone, as long as you use a mac. But somehow, if you have windows 10 no one cares. I've tried Qjack, Asus4All2, voicemeeter banana, and a host of other workarounds and the only thing I managed to do is to rout the output of my daw to the microphone input in zoom, but that sounds terrible on account of the everpresent noise gate.  I've tried looking for an useful thread on the subject but DAWs issues seem to be resolved for mac users or not at all. Can anyone give me hand?   Is it possible to share your DAW's video and audio over zoom in windows 10 with the same quality and low latency as in MAC?