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Why does Zoom bypass audio permissions?


I was setting up a new windows 11 computer and didn't have a chance to go into Zoom to auto-mute my mic and auto-turn-off my video yet, so instead I simply turned off my microphone in windows before joining a meeting. I stepped away for a few min to have a private confidential conversation with someone, and when I came back I realized much to my horror the system mic that was turned off was quietly auto-enabled by Zoom! This is a HUGE breach of privacy. Why does Zoom not ASK for permission to enable the system microphone? After the meeting, I tested Zoom a few times and sure enough, EVERY SINGLE TIME I join a meeting Zoom automatically enables my system mic without asking for permission or even notifying me of doing so!!!!! Other apps such as the windows voice recorder will simply record silence instead of automatically turning on the microphone. Why does Zoom bypass this???? THIS IS A HUGE BREACH OF PRIVACY!!!!!!!!