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Why Does Zoom Auto-Assign New Host to an Inactive Mic?


Is there any way for auto-assignment of host in the event of a host's loss of connection to be designated to go to a mic that is currently active?  We've had, on multiple occasions, hosts and co-hosts who have lost connection (this time all of us lost it at  the same time when a zoom glitch somehow disconnected everyone who was in the lobby, and only those in one breakout room remained unaffected) ... and host was randomly assigned.  Twice now it was assigned to someone whose mic hasn't been active for several hours and is probably asleep.  Is there no way to prevent that?   

Zoom can see which mics are dormant and which are active and recently engaged (hosts have access to this active mic information when looking into breakout rooms, so zoom software must too) is there no way for zoom to make the auto-host designation at least be a user who is currently active?  Surely this is something that can be fixed in the software if there isn't a setting for it? 

We'd like to not have to boot inactive users in order to prevent a sleeper from getting the host power in the event of an accidental drop (it's nice to let people sleep in our overnight events and wake up with us the next morning).  But the the way zoom currently random-assigns hosts has resulted in the overnight host and co-host being locked out of our own meeting tonight.  (We aren't the owner of account, they're already in bed).   Last week the person who had been randomly assigned host woke up and hit "end", without being aware they were hitting more than "leave" (it ended the meeting for everyone).

Come on zoom!  I love that the meeting doesn't end when the host and co-hosts accidentally drop out, and that you let the owner of account leave while assigning others as hosts (which can be passed along to others when they in turn leave) but when random-host gets assigned, it really shouldn't be hard to randomly auto-assign the meeting to someone who is at least recently active!