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Who was recording?


I recently gave three colleagues my login details (single user account) to host and record 3 meetings while I was on medical leave. In the last two meetings, the host heard the automated voice saying the meeting was being recorded.  Whoever was recording did not get permission from the host. I checked the settings and I have since beefed the security up substantially. My problem now is that we need the recordings, but they weren't saved to the cloud. I have no idea how to trace who recorded as everyone is claiming it wasn't them. Is there anywhere that tracks the IP address?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Mich-Y welcome to the community and thank you for your discussion! Just want to clarify a couple of things to further understand your issue. Was your 3 colleagues signing into your account using your account credentials or joining your meeting and claiming host using your host key?



Zoom Community Moderator

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