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Who is ADMIN? How can I remove password request?


in zoom pro how do I remove the request that participants need a password? I have tried in settings but it says only ADMIN can do it. Who is Admin and how can I fix this?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @shirley6 welcome to the community! Could you please elaborate on 'participants needing a password'?


Second, I'd like to point out that Account Settings differ from Profile Settings That being said, I would first check the Account Settings for Requirements on Meeting passwords and configure to your liking there - then you should be able to configure at the profile settings level.

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I have the same issue as Shirley.  I don't believe RN's reply addressed the issue. The setting Shirley refers to is greyed out and, as she says, labeled "only Admin can change". 


I am, as is Shirley, the owner of a pro account, but I cannot find out who is "Admin" for my account.  The support offered by Zoom seems mostly aimed at corporate accounts. Search as I can I find no information on how an owner can find the Admin. Intuitively it would seem the owner should be admin by default.