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Where is my Zoom audio?


Hello.  I was invited to an interview and needed it to be recorded. The host gave me access to record the meeting but after the meeting finished, I never got the usual download of the meeting into my local folder that I normally get when I am the one scheduling the meeting.  The other party does not have the file and was told by Zoom that because I recorded the meeting, the file has come to me. But it is not in my Zoom account or my computer settings. Where could it be?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @akadi. if locally recorded, you can find that recording in your Zoom desktop client, under 'meetings' 👉 'recorded' and you will see the locally recorded videos from there. You can also go to to see all cloud recording if available or the path for local recordings.


Let me know if you were able to track that recording down! 


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Thanks for your advice.
I have searched and the recording is not in either place you have suggested. 
The interview I did was in December 2021.
As I mentioned earlier, I did not organise the interview but was given hosting rights to record it.
Typically when I organised the meeting, I get an alert saying that Zoom is converting the audio to be on my computer.
On this occasion, there was no alert on my computer and there is nothing on my home computer. 
Please could you help.