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Whenever I turn on my video, the whole meeting grts freezes


So I have the latest version of zoom 5.8.6 (2048). I am facing the problem since a month. Wwhenever I am turning on my video, the meeting is getting freeze. My video can only be seen mooving and all other's are freezed. I am annoyed and I can't attend the classes. Please help me. I am loosing my faith in zoom.


Thanks in advance. Soory for my bad english.



this could be many issues, not necessarily zoom. you can always try a test meeting. if you can see yourself and hear yourself then it shouldn't be Zoom. are you hosting/attending Zoom meetings over Wifi? you can test to make sure your network meets the Zoom requirements.  when you turn on your video and everything is freezing it sounds like your bandwidth. turning off your video means you aren't sending video up, only receiving video down. your internet down speed is probably not the issue. Id run an internet speedtest and check the bandwidth requirements on Zoom support 


Thanks for the solution @DanHuber . But I just found that whenever I join a meeting with more than 40 participants, the problem occurs, but not with a two participants meeting.