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When will Zoom officially support Windows 11


I scanned several posts about this dating back to December and I see the consensus is that Windows 11 may kind of work for Windows 11 but is not officially supported.  


Currently during meetings, Zoom, for me will:

-glitch in video

-glitch in volume


-cause the computer to shut down

-after restarting, the New meeting, Join, and share screen buttons go gray

-erratically bring up pop-up windows prompting me to join a meeting

-re-enter meetings without video or audio (from me)


I updated to windows 11 about 3 days ago and this started happening yesterday.  I'm able to use zoom on an older laptop without an issue but would like to return to my computer.  Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, video card driver is up to date, ran the task manager looking for possible memory issues, all check out.  Can't know for sure but given the timing this looks like a compatibility issue.  I've also turned OFF enable hardware acceleration for receiving videos.  any guidance?





It is absurd that we are in february and Zoom still doesn't work properly