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When/why was the "Disable desktop screen sharing" option set to enabled


I frequently host meetings in which participants need to share their screens, and frequently show/switch between multiple applications. So, we typically share the entire "desktop", so the person sharing can easily switch between tools and the participants can follow along.

On or around 6/12 that feature seemed to "disappear", leading to many inefficient meeting moments where participants had to stop and restart sharing to show applications. It eventually rose to the level of frustration that I started searching the internet for solutions, eventually leading me to this "Disable desktop screen sharing" option on my user account.

I am not sure where this came from or when it got there, but I am curious about the decision to opt me in to a significant change to functionality and leave it to me to go digging around, wasting MORE of my time, to figure out how to get it back. Typically, a new toggle that removes important functionality (that we're paying pretty good money for) is not turned on by default -- why was this toggled on for my account?