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When trying to search recordings in local recordings i receive this message "Local recordings are ld


When i try to search local recordings i receive this message. "Local recordings are listed only for meetings that were recorded while using a supported version of the client. Verify that your client has been upgraded to a supported version before you start the meeting. The supported versions are:

  • Windows: Version 4.0.25513.0228 or later"
  • how do you update to this version?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You don't have to target that particular version of Zoom... just that version or newer. Zoom is currently at Version 5.12. So, just running an update will do the trick. There are a couple of ways to do it.


  1. While signed into the Zoom client application you can click on your profile picture and see an option towards the bottom of the menu that says "Check for Updates"
  2. If "Check for Updates" isn't there then go to:


Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen