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When not host, how to mute myself upon re-entry after breakout group?


Hi! I'm a student in grad school online at the moment and we have a lot of breakout groups. Whenever we return from breakout groups to the main room, my mic is unmuted (even though my settings are that I'm muted when I first enter Zoom). Any idea how I can, as the guest (not the host), make sure I'm automatically muted when returning from breakout rooms?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @sarahel welcome to the community! It looks like with if you have the setting "mute my mic when joining" enabled - this really doesn't change anything as to staying muted when leaving a breakout room, believe just when joining a meeting. 


When testing, I joined a breakout room and unmuted



When the host closed the breakout room - I was unmuted and when going back to the main session I was still unmuted. Believe this is intended experience, as I am not knowledge of any other settings that may change your experience, ensuring you mute and unmute before entering and leaving breakout room sessions.

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Thanks so much-- I think you're right. Seems like it's a setting only the host can control. I will just be hyper-aware of muting myself after breakout rooms. Thanks!