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When in dual monitor mode, how do you choose which screen to record (for local recording)?


Whenever I am using dual screens when hosting a zoom meeting, the recording always chooses the second monitor. This is when I am recording locally. My problem with this is that the second screen is always in spotlight mode. I can't change it to gallery, so my local recording always records in spotlight mode. Is there anyway I can tell zoom to record the main screen instead? Or would it be possible to switch the second screen to gallery mode? I can't seem to find that option.



@amedalla I have enclosed a screenshot to disable the spotlight video. Click more information one your video and disable the spotlight option.


Local recordings don't support the following features:

Record Active Speaker, Gallery View and shared screen separately
Audio transcription
Shared screen recording layout with active speaker thumbnail or without any thumbnails (local recordings will always show a thumbnail gallery view with the shared screen)