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When Using Firefox, Zoom Launches Invalid Meeting ID


The title pretty much describes it. At seemingly random times while I am browsing in Firefox my Zoom desktop application will start and show the message

Invalid meeting ID

Please check and try again.

Simultaneously, a new tab will automatically open to my organization's authentication web page. Something seems to be trying to start a non-existent Zoom meeting, but I have no idea what or why. I am not signed into Zoom, Zoom was not running in the background, I have the setting "Start Zoom when I start Windows" unchecked, and I have no scheduled upcoming meetings at the moment.

I have googled every combination of terms I can think of, but the only potentially relevant item I found was a question from 2017 on Mozilla's support site:


Every time I open Firefox it opens a nonexistent Zoom Meeting where it tells me the host has not joi...stain removel

There is no reason I can find that a Zoom Meeting window opens every time I open Firefox -- I even signed up for Zoom so I could make sure it didn't show I had any meetings scheduled recurring or otherwise. But having done that and rebooted -- a Zoom Meeting window opens asking me to join a nonexistent recurring meeting where it indicates it is waiting for the host to initiate the meeting. Takes forever (it seems). How can I end this problem?

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jscher2000 - Support Volunteer | Top 10 Contributor

In Firefox 56 and earlier, with the old "new tab page," sometimes a tile from history would trigger an odd behavior such a message that Firefox wanted to launch a different application. The approach to that was to remove any tiles that might trigger the unwanted behavior. I don't know if that is an issue with the new "Activity Stream" page, or whether you have that page as your home page.

Example old thread: Why does another application launch when I open a new tab? Plug-in is in Firefox and I can't get rid...

This question seems to match my own, but the reply blames an old version of Firefox (I am using Firefox 102.0.1) and the new-tab page (which I don't think I had open when this problem occurred). However, based on the thread's suggestion, I deleted every page from my browser history containing the term "zoom" and I'll wait to see if doing so resolved the bug.

(P.S. I apologize to the mods for the zoom-sdk tag. I can't find an existing tag relating to general Zoom questions. Please feel free to edit if you have better tag ideas.)



If you are still facing the invalid meeting id error, then go to the phone settings and follow the below steps.

In Settings, Go to the Apps > Manage apps > Zoom app > Clear Data and cache.


Try this.