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What's the difference between a zoom meeting and a zoom room


Are zoom meetings and zoom rooms the same? What are the differences?



Hi @pizzalover28 


There can sometimes be some confusion around the Room terminology.


A Zoom Meeting can have Breakout Rooms - and also a Waiting Room.


Breakout Rooms are sub-sessions within a main Zoom Meeting. 


A "Waiting Room" is an area for participants to wait before being admitted to the meeting - if so configured - but it does not have meeting-features.


A "Zoom Room" is something different. It is a separate hardware/software solution (typically intended for use in physical conference rooms) that is used to attend or Host a Zoom Meeting. This is a separate licensed product from Zoom .


Zoom "For Home" devices (also known as personal collaboration devices) can effectively be used as "Zoom Room" - which means they can be used as a place to join or Host a Zoom Meeting.


Confusingly, there is now also another variation:  "Room for Zoom". This is a modular personal meeting space made by with an integrated Zoom Room.


Hope this helps clarify the Room terminology.