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What is the affect on scheduled meetings when associated email on account is changed


I am leaving my company.  We need to update the email associated with the account log in.

1.  What will happen to the zoom meetings that are scheduled when we update the email ?

2. Will all of the meetings that are already on the calendar need to be sent a new Zoom invite?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @LU2022.

If your company has an internal person designated as the Zoom Admin, send them this link to the appropriate Zoom Support article: 

There are several approaches to doing this; if they need guidance after reading the Support article, have them post their question here in this thread and I’ll assist if I can. 

The basic answers to your questions though, are that – properly done – your meetings will be assigned to another user, and the Join links to those meetings will remain intact. 

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