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What did ZOOM change in March 2023? Audio issues!


Zoom made changes which don't appear to be documented. First, in Audio settings, when you click through to Advanced, the screen has changed and reduced select-able options. Second, we used the exact same step in February and then in March it did not work. We confirmed Audio would play through our control HOST laptop. Basically our setup is a control Host laptop, connected to a mixer board, so we can have ZOOM live and projected in a room, with live Mics. We use a second laptop to co-Host the meeting and moderate chat and mute remotes. We typically have 80 folks in the room, 20 remote, plus a remote speaker. What stopped working in March was our ability to pipe in the Zoom remote speaker audio. We were doing this via the USB port of the control Host. We have to move to using the microphone jack and the USB port. The micro phone jack gave us Audio to the room the USB port piped Audio out to the remote Zoom attendees. Clearly Zoom changed something in the filters and we can't figure out how to revert back to just using the USB ports. We tried 3 different laptops each on different patch releases and none worked where they all did before so we are sure the change is on the Zoom side. Thoughts or similar issues....?



I'm doing something much simpler - I'm just trying to play background music during an instructional video, and it refuses to record the background music.  I've played with multiple setting on selecting the right microphone, clicking on this new pop up about "enabling original sound", etc.  Zoom's stock just keeps dropping.  Little things like this is why.  I just want to turn this on and watch it work.  Period.


Not faced any issues yet.

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