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What are all the "Muting" options?


When I looked at the information on "mutting", in the setting option, this is the only one that was there "Request permission to unmute

Select this option in the scheduler to request permission to unmute meeting participants and webinar panellists. Permissions, once given, will apply in all meetings scheduled by the same person." Does can one care to elaborate for me, please?  I want to be able to mute individuals when 2 people are talking and one is dominating the conversation. Secondly. when I select "mute all" how do I send individual an invitation to unmute?

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

As the host you'll always have the ability to mute somebody at will. Or, mute all if necessary.


Regarding "Request permission to unmute"


You've probably been in a meeting or 100 where somebody struggles to get unmuted and it causes a pause and sometimes even a verbal interruption in the flow of the meeting/event. It can be a great advantage to the host to gain permission from each attendee the ability to unmute them. If they don't grant the host the permission, then when the host attempts to unmute them it will simply prompt them to unmute themselves. The prompting helps but it doesn't get rid of the pause in the meeting.


We use this all the time in events where we know who the panel of speakers are, and we explain the benefits of them answering YES to the question when joining the meeting.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen