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Weird keyboard issue related to zoom


So super weird issue that only has zoom as the common thread.


Issue: After being in a Zoom meeting for 20-30 minutes, the user's keyboard stops working. This is while in the zoom call and after leaving it. This is an ongoing issue and the user has updated zoom 3 times since the issue occurred and it's still present. User is completely up to date with all OS, app, and driver updates.


What I've tried:

• Restarting the computer

• Updating Windows 10

• Upgrading to Windows 11

• Updating all available drivers

• Updating Zoom

• Uninstalling/Reinstalling Zoom

• Removing and re-adding keyboard drivers

• Complete wipe of Windows and all personal information

• Assigning a brand new laptop

• Using an external keyboard


Whenever it does go away, regardless of what I do, it comes back once the user joins a Zoom meeting. No idea where to go next.



I have exactly the same problem, except that it does not occur when I am the zoom host. When I join meetings hosted by others, I can almost never use the chat because  of this problem. One or two letters I key in will appear, but backspace or delete don't work either. I also cannot write in other apps until I restart my laptop.