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Weird glitch where parties are in the same zoom meeting, but it doesn't show on either end


Has anyone every experienced this?  This has happened multiple times.  I am hosting a zoom meeting.  Another party was sent the invite with the correct meeting details.  They log into the meeting.  However, on my end, it still shows that no one is there and I am alone in the meeting.  On their end, it shows that they are alone and I am not in the meeting!  This is driving me crazy!  Has anyone ever had this happen and do you know the resolution?  Its significantly impacting my business.  Thanks!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It's been quite awhile, but I have experienced this in the past.

Things I did to help me gain my sanity were...


  1. Clicked on the Green Shield in the top-left corner of my Zoom window to take note of the Meeting ID that I was in.
  2. Emailed that info to one of the folks who were sitting in the other meeting so they could compare it to their Meeting ID (under their Green Shield). Confirmed that it was not a match... scratched my head wondering how in the world???
  3. Back in my meeting I clicked on the up-carrot next to the Invite Button to send that same person a meeting invite directly from my meeting. Had them click on that invite link.
  4. Sure enough it got them to the meeting I was sitting alone in.
  5. I had to take detailed notes of meeting ids, etc in order to then compare that info with my scheduled meeting in Zoom, as well as my calendar invite trying to figure out where something got messed-up.

I'm still not exactly sure what went wrong, but at least I knew there was a mismatch in the information that went out.


I'm not saying this will be your experience, but I do know my sanity was worth the efforts.


Good luck!

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen