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Weird: Muting mic in main room mutes system level device, muting mic in breakout room doesn't.


Weird: Muting mic in main room mutes system level device, muting mic in breakout room doesn't, usually ends up breaking UHD mic input and the fix is unplug/replug the uhd capture card. This is a bit inconvenient, as you might imagine.


Not sure where to post this report, is it a tech support thing or a developer thing?


(Dell m4800 laptop, latest windows updates, latest zoom update, generic magewell HD video capture USB card,  updated realtek drivers, updated windows UHD device drivers)


Initial symptom began last Tuesday where I was sent to a breakout room in a zoom meeting and my UHD digital mic became disconnected and required unplug/replug to get it back, video on the same usb device was unaffected. When I was returned to the main room, audio broke, video was fine again. I have been able to reproduce and document the symptoms.

I looked at the sound panel and noticed that when I muted zoom in the main room the UHD sound panel meter stopped. Other mic inputs continued to show input.

When I muted zoom in a breakout room, the UHD sound panel meter continued to show input, which is different behavior from how zoom is muting the main room audio.

Ive attached screen captures numbered 1-5 in order. I also have a video capture of this happening.

Worked great all year until last week, the problem persisted this week after driver and software updates.


Need help with a resolution to this. Can anyone help?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi joeyloman! 😀💙 Welcome to the Zoom Community! This is a real inconvenience when you need to plug/unplug  just to fix your mic every time when in breakout rooms. We might need to encourage you to file a support ticket on this one in order for our team to replicate and check accordingly.  


Here's the link: Zoom Technical Support  (Chatbot or Web Ticket)

I immediately got a rejection email that said "Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open ticket at this time."

Hi @joeyloman,


Our team's apologies for the rejection email you received when trying to contact support through a web ticket! ☹️ In reviewing your account type, unfortunately at this time, the ability to log a support web ticket is unavailable. However, I will try my best to get some additional eyes on this post to see if any experts can take a look and provide some further guidance.


In the meantime, I encourage you to leverage our additional online resources available:

Thank you for your patience on this!


Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Hello @joeyloman 


I think with your capture card you might be taxing the 32-bit version of the Zoom App's Memory capabilities.


Could you try installing our 64 bit version and let us know if that helps?


Here is a link: