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Webinar links to non-Staff are directing them to Company SSO Login page


We recently enabled our Vanity link and SSO since we added the Zoom Phone to our company's Zoom platform.  However, since we use the same Vanity URL to hold webinars with non-staff (i.e. Members) we have noticed that non-staff that don't have a Zoom account (i.e. Free or otherwise), they are directed to our company's SSO Login page.


Here is an example.

  1. The company holds a Webinar that invites both staff and non-staff to to the link.
  2. The staff connects to the link without incident
  3. The non-staff (that have registered email accounts with Zoom) can connect to the link without incident.
  4. The non-staff (that do not have any email account registered to with Zoom) are directed to the Staff SSO login page.

Has anyone ever encountered this and what options do we have?

1) Is there a way to not use the Vanity link for our Webinars since the SSO is linked to the Vanity URL?


Thanks in advance,