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Webcam showing in low res


Hi everyone,


Can anyone help? I've recently encountered something very strange in Zoom (I'm on the Pro plan). My Logitech C920 (1080p) has suddenly started showing in VERY poor low res on Zoom meetings. However, when I start a new piece of software that uses the camera (e.g. Quicktime), the image on Zoom suddenly shifts back into HD. This would be a fine workaround except that every time I toggle 'stop/start' video, it goes back to super SD again. 


I'm using:


- A late 2015 iMac (but with a brand new external SSD running the OS)

- OS is Monterey 12.2.1 


I have tried:


- Turning on/toggling HD in Settlngs/Video

- Checking my 'Optimise video quality...' and 'Use hardware accelerator...' are turned on in 'Advanced'.

- Turning on 'Group HD video' in Settings.

- Uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom. 


Weirdly, the camera seems to work fine on my Macbook Pro.


Does anyone have a solution? I'd be so grateful.








There are numerous reports in of poor video quality with Logitech cameras using recent Zoom versions (including v5.9.1) on macOS Monterey 12.x.x.

The issue has been narrowed down to be a Zoom-specific issue by multiple people, who have all confirmed that their cameras work correctly in all other (non-Zoom) apps.

Cameras that are known to be affected by this bug are: Logitech C920, C922, C925, C925e. You can find details about other people this bug is affecting in these threads:

One workaround to temporarily correct the poor video quality is to open another app that uses the camera (e.g. Logitune, facetime, photobooth) while Zoom is also using it. Doing this somehow forces the camera back into it's correct high-definition mode for the duration of the Zoom call. Once the camera is turned off, the process has to be repeated again next time Zoom is used.

Although multiple people have succeeded in using the workaround mentioned above, it is a hack and an inconvenience to Zoom users. Please provide an update on if/when Zoom intends to address and properly fix this issue.


Same issue here, this is affecting me badly because I specifically bought the camera for better zoom video calls.


Stunning that this has not been addressed yet. 


STILL not been resolved, @Zoom ...

I just purchased the LogiTech Brio 300 for my Macbook Air 13" M1 and downloaded the Logitech Tune app and used the recommended switching video platforms while online with Zoom. How is it possible that this has not yet been resolved when it seems it has to do with Zoom upgrades?