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Ways to ID Zoom meeting participants attendance


Hi Zoom and community,


I would like to check if there are ways or settings to ID Zoom meeting participants for their attendance. 

Or are we able to setup the meeting for registered participants only so that we are able to track the participant attendance.

Reason being, the meeting participants report only shows the name and does not display the unique participants email.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There are a few ways to do this:

1.) As you suggested, Registration can help ensure you get the data from participants that you're looking for. More info on all things registration here:


2.) A standard Usage Report ( will also provide attendee names and email addresses (I am testing this with meetings where all attendees logged in, so you'll need to confirm that this works for guests as well). You can also filter by unique connections to remove duplicates:



3.) You (or your Zoom Admin, if you are not one) can pull an comprehensive list of attendees (including email addresses and WAY more data than you'll need for this specific task) via Dashboard: