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Waiting Room Delay


One of our members is experiencing an issue where a meeting participant isn't popping up in the waiting room, even though they are on the same meeting link. There seems to be about a 5 minute delay where the participant is waiting, but our member (the host) is not notified that someone is waiting, and it doesn't show anyone in the waiting room. We have ensured that the member is using the most updated version of Zoom on the downloaded desktop app. This is happening for all of her participants. We have not seen this issue occur with any other members on our account. What can be done to resolve this issue?


Note Taker | Zoom Employee
Note Taker | Zoom Employee

Hi @TeamBansho! I know it has been a while since you initially posted, but I want to make sure you receive assistance. Are you still having this issue? If so, I'd love to help you get it resolved.

I am actually still having this issue, can you please recommend what to do because with every individual client of mine it seems there is a 2-3 minute delay after I've already started the session and these are individual sessions so timing is very critical.

Thank you inadvance!