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Wait time between (free) Zoom meetings


Free Zoom meeting continues to have a 10 minute waiting period before you can start the next meeting.  This is inconvenient when time is of the essence, as it is we have only up to 40 minutes (not 1 hr.) to meet.  While we only use it once a week, it makes no sense to purchase a paid plan.  I get it, "you" want to make money, but some of us, since COVID-19 prices have soared for almost everything, it's taken most of what we earn in other things, like gas, groceries, utilities, etc., so scrimping is a necessity for some people. Not that "you" can identify, but please try to. Thank you for reading this.



Wait time is still in effect.

Hey ZOOM, are you going to change back to zero wait time? No other product does this.  If not, there are alternative free apps with no wait time.


My zoom used to not have a delay to restart the meeting, but ran into this today. It may be a deal breaker and I may need to move to another platform, but since I'm a free user, Zoom probably doesn't mind losing free users.