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WANTED: A third option to Gallery and Speaker


We use Zoom for  meetings.

We have people sitting onsite and people logging in via Zoom.

We have a PC connected to a TV monitor so that onsite people can see people on Zoom.

(We turn off audio & video on the PC as we just want to display Zoom on TV monitor for onsite people.)


We keep the PC/TV in Gallery mode (so onsite people can see Zoom people) and then MANUALLY SWITCH to Speaker mode when someone on Zoom speaks. Then we MANUALLY SWITCH back to Gallery mode when the speaker is done. It would be nice if there were a third option that did this automatically.


The PC is not close to where onsite people are sitting and we connect PC to TV via HDMI cable so we need a person sitting next to the PC to do the manual switching. If Zoom had a third option, we wouldn't need the extra person doing the switching.


We tried replacing the HDMI cable with Chromecast and Apple Play but then there is a noticeable delay betweeen the sound of the person's voice and their lip movements so, for us, HDMI is the way to go.

For our setup, HDMI length limitations make it necessary to have someone sitting at the PC to do the switching.


Another question: I couldn't find a way to submit this request directly to Zoom support. If anyone knows a way to do that, please let me know.