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Voice goes through but when I play a musical instrument it does not sound


When I have a meeting with my instructor,  I can be heard when I speak but NOT when I play my dulcimer - the music does NOT go through.  I am in Windows 11.  I tried the following:

1.  uninstalling Zoom and reinstalling

2.  making sure the music and original sound was set.

3. checked microphone in other programs and microphone worked


Any suggestions?


Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

take a look at this post:


playing music - Zoom Community


I tried all of those before making my question.  None of it worked.  Is there any other options.  This did NOT happen until I got a new computer with Windows 11.  Is it possible that is the problem?


We are having the exact same problem with Zoom on our church computer! The sound worked fine until we go this new computer with Windows 11.




I have the same issue but only with HPlaptops, please help



I am also a music teacher and encountered this exact problem.  I have been working with the Zoom development team for the last 8 weeks to try to find a remedy.  In the end, the only solution is a "work around" not a solution. There is a problem with the Intel Smart Audio chip that blocks musical instruments from being heard through Zoom.  My internal mic works with the internal voice recorder, google meet and gotomeeting, but not Zoom. If I use my external Yeti mic and choose it in the Zoom app, musical instruments cannot be heard. In the end, the only way for my instrument to be heard through Zoom while using Windows 11 is to go to Control Panel --> Sound --> Recording --> Microphone Array.  Right click Microphone Array and disable. Then use an external mic.  You cannot just choose the external mic in the Zoom settings.  The Array must be disabled.

This stinks! Thanks for the tip though. I wish Zoom would solve this issue, I want to take lessons!


I am having the exact same issue, windows 11 Dell laptop, almost brand new. Following, please help, I want to take lessons!


Hello!  I'm sorry you are suffering the same problems, but anyone who attempts to use Zoom with Windows 11 while playing a musical instrument will encounter this same problem.  My above solution only worked for a few days and then recurred. Windows seems to reset something when I try to work around it. In the end, I have disabled the mic and speaker internally and purchased for $25 on amazon an external sound card so that nothing goes through the internal sound card. That means that I must use an external input and output. I use a yeti blue mic for input.  For output, I personally do not have external speakers, so when using zoom for lessons, I must use my bose headphones, my wired earbuds or my wireless gravastar earbuds. Even then, I must review all of my settings each time, bcz the settings appear to periodically reset and the sound goes away again.  It has been very frustrating.  While Zoom contends that it is a microsoft issue, microsoft expects apps to meet them rather than them programming for the apps. Be aware that after much much much testing (I have literally spent nearly 100 hours on this), I am able to use the internal sound card with the internal voice recorder, with gotomeet app, with teams app, with googlemeet app, and all work fine.  Therefore, the only conclusion is that this issue lies within the zoom app.


Unfortunately, I too am having the same problem on a Windows 11 machine (LG). Is there some way to get Zoom to recognize and fix this problem? Some place to report??

Unfortunately, every time I think that I have mine fixed, it recurs.  So frustrating. The Zoom development team requests that anyone having this issue file a ticket so that they can contact you and gather more information.  There are many of us.  Here is the link for the ticket.

It appears that on Monday Sept 26, 2022, a new version of Zoom will be released.  In the release notes, there are references to sound and audio options as well as the possibility of downloading a more "music friendly" earlier version of Zoom.  I will be exploring this on Monday.  As of today, I am no longer able to use an instrument with zoom and have not been able to for weeks.  It worked once but not again.  Here is a link to the release notes.

Maybe something in this new release will help.


Didn't run into this issue until today. My music teacher could hear me loud and clear but not my instrument. Been using the same laptop for a while. I don't know what suddenly changed. In audio settings zoom added one option for music but that didn't help either.