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Virtual Background - States "Uploaded by Admin" so I cannot 'select" a Virtual Background


In the past, I have used a virtual background.  Recently i changed my ZOOM password.  Now Virtual Background does not work.  I go to Virtual Background, "Manage Backgrounds", I see the background I want, but I cannot select it.  It does nothing.  But under the background, it states, "Uploaded by Admin."  What does that mean?  How can I can change it, so i can use a Virtual Background?



I'm having the same issue and I'm the sole owner/admin of my account.


I had the terrible experience of LOSING all my manually loaded background images - maybe 100! I am sick about this. Has anyone else lost their entire library of uploaded background pictures?


This is what I learned. If you upload a background in the application, then that's stored temporarily and locally. A reinstall (potentially an update as well) may wipe those backgrounds.

Alternatively, if you are an admin, you can go into My Account > Zoom Account > Account Management > Account Settings > In Meeting (Advanced) > Virtual Background

By storing your backgrounds there, you shouldn't lose them and they will follow you wherever you login. You also have to delete them from this location, however.



Thanks for responding and walking me though... it took me FOREVER to find my settings once I sighed in! I never had trouble with losing my many virtual backgrounds using the app and direct links, UNTIL I enabled video backgrounds from the app. Then when I signed in my account I did the same ; enabled them. THEN everything changed, for the worst.

That seemed to wipe out my MANY uploaded photos from my own photographs. There seems to be no way to get all of them back... all of that work gone, forever. Took hours and days to find and upload them all. Now I don't know how to start a meeting, everything must be "scheduled" and I have to log in to even start an instant meeting. I never had to know my password or anything in the app. 

I will never mess with that virtual background setting again! I could care less about video backgrounds and find them distracting and annoying. Thanks for walking me through this... Weird though. I did fine in the app -until I changed that one setting, there and in my account. Then, when I went to make a meeting,  all the new security settings from april or may kicked in, and what was once simple is now a complicated and unworkable mess and i neither know how to start an instant meeting nor send a workable link to invite people. Arrrggggh! 


I solved the problem 😁!


Let me restate the issue first, then I'll explain the resolution.


I'm the account owner.  Besides the standard 5 Zoom virtual backgrounds (San Francisco.jpg, Grassjpg, Earth.jpt, Beach.mp4, and Northern Lights.mp4) I had two additional backgrounds that I couldn't remove.  When you click them, it says "virtual background uploaded by admin."  But...I'm the owner.  This makes no sense.  How it may have happened could be a number of unverifiable reasons: changed account email, changed password, added other users, or something else.  I'll never know, and I no longer care.  But Zoom better figure this out because it's a bug.



I checked Users (User Management), and I had added other Zoom accounts I own using their emails.  But there was no Admin assigned.  As the account owner, it says flat out that I have all privileges.   Yet I couldn't delete these two backgrounds.  So I got the idea...add one of my other accounts/emails as an Admin.  That worked.  I logged into the other account and went to Account Settings>Meeting>In Meeting (Advanced) - scroll way down to find >Virtual background>Manage X virtual background(s).  Then I could delete them.


Ugh, this is stupid and a Zoom flaw IMHO, but I fixed it and can now move on with my life