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Video starts and immediately stops when using laptop's integrated webcam.



I am using a Dell Precision M4800 laptop.  When troubleshooting my built-in webcam, I tried everything recommended in Zoom's Knowledge Base.  In Windows 10's settings, I made sure that the camera is turned on in Camera Privacy, and that desktop apps are allowed to access it.  When I join a meeting or start my own, and turn on my video, it stops a second or two after I turned it on.  A web search for "test webcam" takes me to a website where I can test the integrated webcam.  I get the error that it is being used or blocked by another application.  I checked for the latest Windows 10 updates, which supposedly updates the camera drivers.  Additionally, in Device Manager, I disabled, reenabled the camera, uninstalled, and used Scan for Hardware Changes, to detect and reinstall the drivers.  I also ran Microsoft's "Get Help" troubleshooting app on camera issues, and attempted to use the default video camera driver.  I also went to Dell for my Precision M4800, and downloaded Dell's Support Assist, to check for any manufacturer camera drivers.

After all the above steps, I still get the webcam blocked or used by another application error.  What else should I try?  How do I know when I should take my laptop in for professional help?  Is it possible, and how much does it cost to replace the built-in webcam?  Where would you take your laptop for professional help with the integrated webcam?  If using your 2020 iPhone SE as a webcam, how would you set that up?  If not, what kind of external webcam would you buy?  I am meeting with customers who need to see me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi @MikeW2022 ,


Do you have other video conferencing software installed?

If so, check that at the start of windows, the rest of the videoconferencing applications do not start when the system starts, restart once the changes have been applied and check again.




How to know if my camera is being used by another application?
We will go to Settings> Privacy> Camera. Then we will scroll down and, if there is an application that is accessing the camera, we will see its name and, under it, in red letters, the text “Currently in use”. We can also know the date and time in which each application has accessed the webcam


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Hi David, no I don’t see other applications using the camera. I also don’t have any other conferencing software installed that I know of. I uninstalled Microsoft teams and WebEx. I don’t see anything else in the list of installed programs.


I am experiencing the same issue today. Same laptop, same zoom account that I've used several times--and suddenly today the camera is not detected by zoom. I'm guessing there was some zoom update that is interfering. Arggg.