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Video sound


hi, i am in a zoom call, and I am trying to watch a youtube video (i do not want to share the video/screen). When i play the video while on call, the sound of the video is reduced (even at full volume) while the audio in the call has proper sound. I cant seem to listen to the youtube video sound, and meeting sound at the same volume, as the meeting volume is always higher than the video, no matter what volume i am at. When i leave the meeting, i am able to hear the video properly, is there any settings i can adjust to hear them both (meeting and youtube video) at the same volume?

ps: i am using an ipad


Zoom Moderator

Hey @Ziyan_lalani, when you share content on your iOS device -- assuming 'share device audio' is on? From the participant side when testing, I can seem to hear both myself and Youtube pretty clearly. 


However, to your point, the content shared from the host by design seems to be 'deaden' from the iOS device for the reason of hearing the meeting while sharing content, for say if a participant were to have a question therefore the host can hear the participants. 


Suggest leaving your feedback to for suggestions on sharing content on iOS devices! Thanks!


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