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Video scrambling since the latest update


Since the latest ZOOM update in the past week, I have been unable to use ZOOM because the video is both freezing and scrambling, an issue that I have never previously encountered. The video is working perfectly on other platforms, so I can only conclude that this is a ZOOM issue. 


I have disabled 'use hardware acceleration' and this did not work and I have sufficient RAM and computing power on my laptop, so I know it is not a hardware issue. 


I run my business via ZOOM and have a paid account, and I have had to find other solutions to keep my business flowing. Does anyone have a solution or is this a ZOOM issue, and if so does anyone know when it will be resolved? 



Ive had the same issue.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, and now I can't Sign In.  I am on a Mac, I hope someone has an answer, as I also run a business with zoom.


m experiencing something similar, I think.  My own image is scrambling periodically during recent meetings.  Other images are unaffected.  It appears to happen when I attempt other activities that draw on system resources.  It is an older computer (i3 processor with 8GB RAM).  The same actions were not problematic a few months ago, so I concur that this may be a bug in a recent update.  
  I have uninstalled and steppe back to 12.9 and turned off “noise reduction” and will see if it continues.  Just wanted ZOOM to be aware of possible issues.

I finally got a response from the team at Zoom, and you will need to apply the latest update.  There was a new one released Jan 16 that resolved the issue for me.  Here are the instructions they provided, hope this helps.  I've had no issues since.  

You should be able to update your Zoom client directly from the app:

  1. Sign into the Zoom desktop client app.
  2. Click on your profile image or initials in the top right.
  3. Navigate to Settings > General > Zoom Updates.
  4. Check for updates, the update.