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Video repeatedly cuts out during meetings


In some of my meetings, I am having trouble with my video automatically and repeatedly switching itself off.

I manually click 'start camera' and the video comes back on again, but it then turns itself off again, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes. It can do this sometimes 20-30 times during a call with no obvious reason.


I only have this issue in some of my meetings, but not all. Please help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @kateboys weird that this is happening. Are you accidentally pressing Command(⌘)+Shift+V OR Alt+V to start/stop the video?


Your video doesn't start unless you initiate the 'Start Video/Stop Video' button. 


Within your Zoom client settings --> Video, you can also check the 'stop my video when joining a meeting', which starts a meeting with your video off. 


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I am having the same issue.


@RN  None of your suggestions are at play in my situation. Similar to @kateboys, I will already be in the meeting with hands off the laptop listening to someone speak, and the video will cut out. Further, sometimes it will happen in a few seconds, other times in a few minutes. 


The problem is incredibly intermittent, making it hard to troubleshoot. I've updated and reinstalled drivers and make sure that Windows has not released any new updates, but I still battle this week after week. It almost seems like it is when the camera is adjusting to brightness/movement that it cuts out, but that may be my perception.


I really don't believe it is a hardware issue, but on the off chance it is, I have a Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX-14API. @kateboys what do you have?


I have the same problem. My camera is internal to my laptop; this is only happening on the laptop. I am not touching the keyboard or mouse. The camera freezing for a second before turning off.  No changes in brightness or movement. I have to figure this out because I teach on zoom! Thank you for any help.