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Video recordings going to wrong account


Hi there,

I'm having trouble with my zoom videos and hoping to find help.  I have a family Google profile and a business Google profile.  When I go to my family Google profile and log in to my Zoom account most of my recordings aren't there, but the ones that are there I can watch. When I go to my business Google profile and log in to my zoom account ALL my video's are there, but I can't watch any of them.  A box pops up that says, "You must sign in with the same account on the web to open this link.  Error code:124" .  I can't figure out why when I record a video (logged in to the same Zoom account under different Google profiles) I can't just see them under my zoom account.  Today I recorded a video in my BUSINESS google account, logged into my BUSINESS zoom account and it is only showing up in my recordings when I'm logged in to my FAMILY Google account????   Please Help!!!!!!!! I'm so frustrated and don't know where to go to find answers.