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Video plays the first time, but second time no audio


While being a Co-host, I often am tasked with playing a video via share screen. The first time I play the video everything works fine, the meeting participants can hear and see the video. However, when I try to play the video some time later (30 mins or so), the video will play but the meeting participants can not hear the audio this time.


I have been using Zoom for almost 2 years now and am stumped as to what is causing this. I do use a second monitor and typically share the video via the second screen. Again, it works fine the first time but after some time has passed and I try to play it again the audio times out or something.


I have only been experiencing this issue in the last couple of months. I did not have this issue prior.


Any suggestions? 




i kind of have the same problem but vice versa,

i can't hear the shared audio but others can hear it clearly .